Monday, 5 November 2012

The Art & Etiquette of Polo

The polo season is drawing to a close and it's time for Argentina to welcome the be-jodhpured and bejeweled members of the polo elite, for their final three tournaments of the season: the Tortugas Open, Hurlingham Open and theArgentine Open.
For those of you reading this in a Palermo coffee house, waiting for the Buenos Aires rain (currently delaying the Tortugas semifinal) to cease: congratulations! You can be considered a Polo Insider. But for those scarred into avoiding equine sports by reading Black Beauty as a child: it's time to redress those issues - you've been missing out on far too much field-side fun.
So here is the simplest of guides to ride you into The Sport of Kings.
A Bit of Background
From its roots 2500 years ago - when it was developed as a cavalry training exercise by the Persian Moguls - to today's beautiful game, polo hasn't changed a great deal over the centuries. The Brits took note of it in the 1850s when tea-planters saw it played on the Burmese-Indian border, and quickly established the world's first polo club. By 1862 it was enjoyed by the finest of the upper echelons of British society, before spreading to the American social elite.
It's now played in 77 countries - most popularly in England, the US and Argentina - and remains a sport associated with the wealthy and the terribly aristocratic. It's also a favourite amongst groups of giggling 20-something girls, for whom the sight of a short man on a large horse is almost too much to bear.
The Polo Match by Francisco Miralles Y Gallup
Hockey on Horseback: the Basics
• Each game is divided into between four and six 7.5 minute chukkers, with a 4 minute break between each one.
• The aim of the game is to hit the small ball into the goal at the end of the field (sound familiar?)
• To avoid confusion (especially after a few too many champagne raspberries) remember that after each goal is scored, teams change their direction of play. Don't worry, you haven't changed where you're standing.
Outdoor teams have 4 players, creatively named 1, 2, 3 and 4.
Arena teams have 3 players, and surprisingly, these are named 1, 2 and 3:
Number 1: The team's offensive player
Number 2: The teams's more experienced player, plays both offensive and defensive
Number 3: The team's most experienced player, as well as Field Captain (delegates the ball)
Number 4: The team's defensive player
And FYI: there is no goalkeeper. Each player covers their matching number from the opposing team, trying to stop him from scoring.
The Foul System
This system is complex so if you're only really going for the caviar (and let's face it, most of us are) then this is all your cheat sheet should need:
As soon as the crowd becomes either tense/angry/guttural, immediately imitate their offended expressions, shake your head and quietly mutter something about "the line of the ball" . That should do it.
Partaking in a little stomping
The Divot Stomp
Kings and Queens have been doing this for centuries and now you can too! If you've ever watched Pretty Woman you will know what this is, and if you haven't watched Pretty Woman a). you should, and b). the divot stomp is when spectators wander onto the field at half time and replace the bits of grass that the ponies have removed with their heels, thereby smoothing the field ready for part 2.
The Look
As a spectator, dressing to impress is essential - especially if you're heading to a match on British soil.
• If you've been invited into a private English enclosure to indulge in a leisurely liquid luncheon, you'll want to err on the smarter side of smart-casual.
• Steer clear of large hats though ladies - this isn't Ascot and those are poniesnot horses. Leave the stilettos at home too; sinking into and being physically lifted out of the field after divot stomping is not a good way to start conversations with attractive jockeys. A nice pair of smart flats will spare your dignity.
• Gentlemen should not shy away from pinks and lemons when choosing their chinos - these being very much de rigueur. And as surprising as it may sound, Polo Ralph Lauren sells the perfect range of clothing for such an occasion.
Kate Middleton showing them how it's done
The Lingo
It's no good looking the part if you fail to sound it. Here are a few sound-bites for you to drop into conversation, allowing you to avoid awkward silences and ingratiate yourself with the master spectator:
• "What a shame the Novillo Astrada brothers have split. I always liked watching Ignacio and Alejandro together."
• "La Dolfina is a 40 goal dream team. This year's Triple Crown championship certainly threw the idea of their so called 'Cambiaso dependence' out the window!"
• "I'm so pleased Tortugas has finally been rescheduled. The yacht's arriving in Punta on the 19th and I didn't want to miss it."
• To be directed at the field when other spectators seem frustrated: "Take the man, not the ball!"
And finally,
If you are taking a picnic to watch the game, make sure not to set up camp too close to the field. Balls and ponies have been known to stray, and the last thing one needs is a hoof in one's hummus.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Martin Margiela for H&M 2012

The Avante Garde Maestro
Maison Martin Margiela
will be unleashing his
Deconstructive collectibles
for H&M November 15th 2012!


Saturday, 30 June 2012

Age & Fashion

So this mornings thoughts lead me to think of how age plays its role in fashion. What is deemed appropriate? Who wears it best? How does fashion effect the perception of that individual? Does what you wear age you? Or suit your personality, body shape and style? So I will be evaluating different celebrities style and not just on 'What's Hot-What's Not' basis but a  more evaluated Who Wore it best and Why' from an Image Consultant stand point so you may further understand just how clothing can flatter ones body shape, how hair colour can add a striking contrast adding vitality or drain and age someones apperance.
As a Expert Image Consultant, I will show and tell you how you can look good at any age! Without being a slave to fashion trends or breaking the bank!

Does Lidnsey Lohan or Lilly Allen both in their 20's , but who wears the Chanel Better and why?

How does their skintone and hair colour reflect against the delicate off white play frock?

  Does age mean you can't be trendy when you get older?! -No! Certainly not!

First Picture; Matter fact a kooky set of oversize black rimmed optics set the lady in the first picture off against her Winter tone skin and ash tone hair. Not to mention the flattering red top adds warmth and a classic youthful zeal to her look!

Middle Picture; a beautiful braided wrap adds a modern twist to a classic chigon! I especially like the chunky beaded necklace agaist her black shirt!

3rd Picture; Crazy and a little wacky it may be but this fun loving Big Bird faux fur gives a fun spin to what I can see of this elderly lady's outfit. The gold earrings a nice touch but WARNING! Not for the faint hearted this look would call for a healthy dose of confidence! I would also suggest that the hair colour adds a nice contacst but could do with warmer tones and given her oval pace less of a rigid cut on the bangs/fringe!

Friday, 29 June 2012

Diffuse Le Muse- Iris Apfel

How great is Mz Iris's style?! Let this be a note to self that style has no bearing on age and likewise!
I am an accesories Junk Jewellery Fanatic! And so I would totally agree with Iris that jewellery is so important to the making of an outfit, or at least when I dress! Sometimes...okay alot of the times! I can base my whole look around accessories or just one brilliant piece! A chunky vintage bracelet, extravegent earrings or an Art Deco necklace. My motto is the "Bigger the Better!" So you'll always catch me in some Jackie O's with a knuckle duster piece of a ring! But my obsession at present is my DateJust Rolex and Cartier Love Bracelet!
For more on Iris visit her site;

Mood Board

Some of my jewellery pinned to my style mood board back in my studio in England. Pictures from top left hand corner; Balenciaga-master of cut, b&w image of Helena Christensen torn out of a German Vogue from when I was 16- I just love the beauty and simplicity of this shoot! Plus Helena is truly one beautiful Supermodel-still! Ballgown pic-center by Gianni Versace archives, small pic of Drew Barrymore Grunge chic from 90's Guess campaign, below; Madonna in Jean Paul Gaultier, Helena Boham Carter smoking-tres chic! Her style is Kooky albeit! But I like that she marches to her own drum! Bottom left hand corner; Kate MossYSL ad, Bottom row center;Pioneer Vintage pics of Female Piolits from the 1920's, right Hand corner Vintage Donatella Versace ad before she over did the scapel! Jewellery is necklaces and belts-Pri"Marni, vintage headband with art deco bird-that I still cant wait to wear! and a Gun necklace that got confiscated oncewhen I travelled to Spain-like "dude! Hello! Its fashion!" by a really kool British jewellery designer whose name I forgot #notetoself

Friday, 10 February 2012

Uber Style B*tch! We Salute you Alexis!

The time was the 80's, the talk of TV was Dynasty with its cat fights, bitchiness and fierce wardrobes to battle!
Fur, Power suit shoulders, impeccable makeup and bouffant hair! So I have to show this Joan Collins tribute as Alexis!

Style Insomnia-I dream of ....

Style Insomnia-Sleep deep, Dream Big, of High Heels and Fur Wigs. From Paris to London from Milan to New York with Fashion victims outlined in Chalk.The World is my Oyster and its streets my Catwalk! Some stare and drool whilst peasants snigger and talk.

Is it her mix of her 20's and 30's old Hollywood Hyper Glamazonism? Turbans, and furs, Night becomes Day attire, Layering with Exotic Kimonos over Block colours, cheshire chest of Bracelets Meets 70' morning after Sunnies all on the streets of gay Paris!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Boutique 1 Fashion Show, JBR Walk, Dubai

Mrs Lina Al Salmman and Ms. Charlotte Van der Haer at Boutique 1 Fashion Show, Dubai

No stranger to style, I was all to happy to bump into friend and Uber Socialite, Mother and Philanthropist Mrs. Lina Al Samman fresh back from the Paris Fashion Shows. Lina never fails to amaze me with her style and grace in any Dubai social gathering. Her effortless grace and humble down to earth demeanor makes her a pleasure to talk to each and every time. Indeed, i'll never forget our first meeting at my couture house in Jumeirah for tea and tete-e-tete. Lina arrived in a canary yellow Lamborgini apologising profusively for her fashionable tardiness-"Mz. Lina, as lovely and fierce as you are! You could of arrived the next day and I wouldn't of noticed!" tee! hee!
And now for a little peek into just why Van der Haer adores this Style Queen!

@ launch of My-Wardobe March 2012

Whats hotter than hot!? Nina Ricci creating you your own bag  of course!

Style on the Go!

@ Boutique One Fashion Show 
with Irina and friend, stylist Fahra (right)

Van der Haer with MiroSlava Duma, Russia's fashionista!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


VANDERHAER NOT JUST A LABEL Working on the Van der Haer. Not kust a label has some awesome designer also sharing their works! Check it out!

The Stylist, the Designer & the Wardrobe..

I have done it! I have succombed to the blog! Dare someone to call me a (*gulp!) blogger! I dont want to so much mirror society by adding another millions of blogs who have their style dictated to them by Vogue and the weekly glossies! Lets have a opinion shall we!!!! So as difficult as it may be to swim against the current! I will do my best to give off the originality that could only be Van der Haer!

I will be giving styling tips for both men and women and a variety of occassions, you will see some behind the scenes work from my design studio and take a peek into not just my wardrobe but that of some surprise names, some of my clients that will in turn give you ideas and tips to add to sprucing your own style and wardrobe. So without further ado!