Monday, 29 December 2014

The Ghosts of Couture's Past..

A bridal gown i designed for a former client in years past

Did you know Ghanati Couture is the oldest couture house in Dubai? Well, now you do. I'm Blessed to follow the likes of Michael Cinco and many other brilliant designers who worked there. 2015 is all about stepping out the shadow and back into the light! Can't wait to share my plans with you! 

X HallahYallah!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Click Click! Flash Flash!: Dubai International Film Festival 2014

I've always been a bit partial to a bit of glitter, celebrity spotting and red carpet. So there was no time better then Dubai's Annual Film Festival to stage a first outing on my return to this Arabian Peninsula Jewel of the Gulf.
Having arrived later then Naomi Campbell would be for her own funeral (morbid as that may sound!) I did fall back into the Dubai thing to do, head straight to catch viewing of one of the many International films on offer you may ask? No, it was to make sure I caught a pap moment on the red carpet! Yes, there's no shame in my game, but after having undergone a action packed day prior to make sure I, Cinderella, had something worthy to wear to the ball, well, it was only right I get it all on camera!
 A very special thank you to Ghanati Couture for the beautiful hand embroidered sequin dress borrowed especially for the occasion. If I'm honest, I feel for all the stars who are at a constant demand to attend these events, if they're not dieting down throughout the year, they're being plucked and pruned and trying on more gowns then Elizabeth Taylor had husband's only for a quick 15 mins of blinding camera flashes before being whisked off the carpet! Ahh, well, without further adieu here's my 15 seconds more or less, lol.
" Time doesn't matter its the impact that you make, the impression that you leave them with."

Van der Haer
Finding "that" dress. P.S Thanks to months of countless squats, one can forget trying on anything that does not have a stretch element. It was more than humorous trying to shuffle myself into gowns that only a few years earlier I wore with ease! I'm not sure whether I should laugh... or cry!

A little pic to show some of the beautiful details of the gowns I tried on. Glass beads, silk chiffon, I love couture!

Culture Guide: Dubai International Film Festival 2014
Emily Blunt at the ICW party in a emerald green Lanvin gown. The Golden Globe Nominee made sure to wear an ICW timepiece of course,
Harpers Bazaar Arabia Best Dressed Corner  

Attending with Cameroon Director and Producer Chia Stanley Kishu

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Liverpool International Music Festival 2014

Liverpool International Music Festival
August 24th Saturday

BBC Radio 1xtra DJ Robbo Ranx spinning on the decks, got the crowd hyped!

Shaggy was just one of the many artists to rock the stage!

Always time for a photo! 
Do you want more?!


DAY 25th August: LIMF

Today's Uniform: Jumpsuit & Wellies



Festival Necessities: Your Pet Snake!



Pop and RnB singer Alexa Goddard rocked the charts with her first single ‘Turn My Swag On’ and landed her a five album deal with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label


Spotted!: My cute niece

Marsha Ambrosius's voice was like Courvoisier on ice! She crooned several songs including her hit tune 'Butterflies' written for Michael Jackson! 

A nice tune Marsha penned about growing up in
 Toxteth, Liverpool

The show must go on!: Being the professional she is, 
not even a little fight in the crowd could stop Marsha's set!
WARNING! Shaky Cam may cause motion sickness!

Take it to the bridge girlfriend!

I am a BIG fan of Liverpudlian born, Marsha AmbrosiusSo having missed her tour in the USA, I was oh so happy to be able to hop 3 mins. over from my apartment to see her perform in my backyard (Sefton Park)! The only thing I'll say is she would of faired much better performing Sunday where there was more of a...'mature' crowd who could fully appreciate this girls credentials (Grammy Award winner, writer for  Justin Timberlake 'Cry me a river' and the legend that is Jacko!). I still believe she's one of the most underrated singers of this generation- full stop! Anyways, all I'll say is, show her some love and go cop her album 'Friends & Lovers' if you haven't already!


Neon Jungle did take stage but before my sister and I could be further crushed by the throng of overzealous teeny boppin crowd-we split. Its a shame as well as I'd of liked to see this generations bootleg version of the Spice Girls! LOL! Ok.. no really, I'll play nice from now.I like their style and therefore would of loved to see them shaq out! But it came down to keeping our lives (and limbs) or risk getting stampeded by 15yr. olds high on bubblegum and with probing umbrellas! The Foxes too would of been a good watch and sing-a-long! So tell me, what did I miss?! 


**Newsflash! to local and National promoters and media; Do feel free to share any 'All Access' passes on your events for this blogite! Geesh! 

Blogging ain't easy!

(*brrrrrrrr! a cold shudder down my spine at the thought!). It's been a while since I've covered any events but that's only cause I've been busy on my year travelling and writing- so stay posted!

Who said you cant stay Warm, Dry  & Stylish?

Time to go home, but a great time had and looking forward to next year!

Disclaimer: All photos except for header are property of  Charlotte Van der haer Richardson please contact for usage.

Monday, 25 August 2014


The Best Dressed (in no particular order)

Jennifer Lopez owns it in a Charbel Zoe metallic number. All I know is, I better look this good at age 45! 
Beyonce can put no foot wrong in this black  widow slinky number!

Kylie Jenner demonstrates sophistication beyond her teen years in this silky tuxedo wrap dress. **Style Note to Kim K.!

This red gown on her olive skin and with her edgy brunette cut makes her pop on the red carpet! Speaking of "pop" Vanity Mode agrees sometimes "less is more" on this one!

YES!YES!YES! Nikki Minaj actually proves she can do demure grown up baby doll with out going plastic! The metallic pallete of gold and silver tones with a natural makeup look give her depth, youth and the right amount of Glam!
Rita Ora channels Jessica Rabbit in this beautiful bias cut silk dream gown! Perfect with her ash blonde locks and warm skin tone.

This look manages to be as classy as it is sexy! We love the sparkle with the high waist silk charmeuse palazzo pant!

Pop girl bands who manage to hold a individual look but convey a uniform front of sexy, fun and coolness.
I never thought I'd see the day where I'd be putting Miley Cyrus in my Best Dressed List! Just cause the thought of her twerking in latex coochie cutters and nympho animal onesies still plague me! But here she is!  This black leather boob tube and leather pant give her edge, sex appeal and drama without the DRAMA! VM LOVES!

Destiny Child's. Michelle in this wispy giraffe print  maxi dress gives her a Style Hall pass to the event!

Cheryl Lloyld knows just how to wear this red leather shift dress. 

Fun and cool looks in white and the trending metallics

I want to like this look on Kelly Roland, but either its the birds nest Grecian goddess hair fail or the uninspiring sea shell pink color I'm not terribly "excited" over. 
Iggy Azalea rocks this silver metallic number and keeps her hair and makeup simple to redirect focus on those enviable curves!

Niki Minaj prior to her wardrobe malfunction, well we didn't expect her to behave for to long, now did we?!


It looks like someone's stylist failed to deliver their runway options and instead opted for this season's loo roll in sea foam green (eww). This dress and the washed out color does nothing for her cool skin tone, hair or eye color. Well, how unflattering can a gown be?!

Flintstone jumpsuits past the age of 7 is never a good idea so neither is this look! YABBA-DABBA-DO....DON'T!

This is what happens when you go against your agents advice to get a stylist! What's with the earrings?! Just one last thing, there is a Eyebrow bar to be found in every city! If your outfit fails, at least be well groomed!

Am I the only one who feels that she looks looks like a hostess from a 70's tubawear party?

O-NO-O-NO-O-NO-O-NO! Wiz Khalifa should of said HOLD UP to this one! It seems Amber Rose is having issues letting go of her exotic dancing past and its bad cause we like Amber Rose, but this daring heavy metal get up wreaks of a failed  "Look at me" attempt-sorry, we're not sorry.

Photo Credits: Getty Images