Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Click Click! Flash Flash!: Dubai International Film Festival 2014

I've always been a bit partial to a bit of glitter, celebrity spotting and red carpet. So there was no time better then Dubai's Annual Film Festival to stage a first outing on my return to this Arabian Peninsula Jewel of the Gulf.
Having arrived later then Naomi Campbell would be for her own funeral (morbid as that may sound!) I did fall back into the Dubai thing to do, head straight to catch viewing of one of the many International films on offer you may ask? No, it was to make sure I caught a pap moment on the red carpet! Yes, there's no shame in my game, but after having undergone a action packed day prior to make sure I, Cinderella, had something worthy to wear to the ball, well, it was only right I get it all on camera!
 A very special thank you to Ghanati Couture for the beautiful hand embroidered sequin dress borrowed especially for the occasion. If I'm honest, I feel for all the stars who are at a constant demand to attend these events, if they're not dieting down throughout the year, they're being plucked and pruned and trying on more gowns then Elizabeth Taylor had husband's only for a quick 15 mins of blinding camera flashes before being whisked off the carpet! Ahh, well, without further adieu here's my 15 seconds more or less, lol.
" Time doesn't matter its the impact that you make, the impression that you leave them with."

Van der Haer
Finding "that" dress. P.S Thanks to months of countless squats, one can forget trying on anything that does not have a stretch element. It was more than humorous trying to shuffle myself into gowns that only a few years earlier I wore with ease! I'm not sure whether I should laugh... or cry!

A little pic to show some of the beautiful details of the gowns I tried on. Glass beads, silk chiffon, I love couture!

Culture Guide: Dubai International Film Festival 2014
Emily Blunt at the ICW party in a emerald green Lanvin gown. The Golden Globe Nominee made sure to wear an ICW timepiece of course,
Harpers Bazaar Arabia Best Dressed Corner  

Attending with Cameroon Director and Producer Chia Stanley Kishu

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