Friday, 10 February 2012

Uber Style B*tch! We Salute you Alexis!

The time was the 80's, the talk of TV was Dynasty with its cat fights, bitchiness and fierce wardrobes to battle!
Fur, Power suit shoulders, impeccable makeup and bouffant hair! So I have to show this Joan Collins tribute as Alexis!

Style Insomnia-I dream of ....

Style Insomnia-Sleep deep, Dream Big, of High Heels and Fur Wigs. From Paris to London from Milan to New York with Fashion victims outlined in Chalk.The World is my Oyster and its streets my Catwalk! Some stare and drool whilst peasants snigger and talk.

Is it her mix of her 20's and 30's old Hollywood Hyper Glamazonism? Turbans, and furs, Night becomes Day attire, Layering with Exotic Kimonos over Block colours, cheshire chest of Bracelets Meets 70' morning after Sunnies all on the streets of gay Paris!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Boutique 1 Fashion Show, JBR Walk, Dubai

Mrs Lina Al Salmman and Ms. Charlotte Van der Haer at Boutique 1 Fashion Show, Dubai

No stranger to style, I was all to happy to bump into friend and Uber Socialite, Mother and Philanthropist Mrs. Lina Al Samman fresh back from the Paris Fashion Shows. Lina never fails to amaze me with her style and grace in any Dubai social gathering. Her effortless grace and humble down to earth demeanor makes her a pleasure to talk to each and every time. Indeed, i'll never forget our first meeting at my couture house in Jumeirah for tea and tete-e-tete. Lina arrived in a canary yellow Lamborgini apologising profusively for her fashionable tardiness-"Mz. Lina, as lovely and fierce as you are! You could of arrived the next day and I wouldn't of noticed!" tee! hee!
And now for a little peek into just why Van der Haer adores this Style Queen!

@ launch of My-Wardobe March 2012

Whats hotter than hot!? Nina Ricci creating you your own bag  of course!

Style on the Go!

@ Boutique One Fashion Show 
with Irina and friend, stylist Fahra (right)

Van der Haer with MiroSlava Duma, Russia's fashionista!