Saturday, 28 September 2013

Stepping In Fashion at the Rick Owens SS'14 Collection

In the news recently, there have been complaints from the runway regarding designers not using enough Black models in their shows. Well, Rick Owen's Spring '14 Paris collection embodied and flaunted diversity with a stepping crew in place of the usual gaunt models known to float down the runways! 
Rick Owens Paris Fashion Week Steppers_15
Among the excitement and hooray's there has been criticisms regarding the stepping dancers he did use (plus size and a little far from feminine, bulky matter fact), I even heard labels of "slavery" suggestions! Ludicrous I think!
 Should Owens be heralded for his statement show? I myself regardless of the model/dancers size just couldn't get my head around their butch, tomboy look. Trending chat already chastises Owens for not using the more girlie well heeled steppers that flood today's American Universities popular for the sport/past time. As a designer myself, I also feel some of the look was sacrificed as his signature Gothic drapes and cuts just didn't hang the same, they more or less pulled and tugged at the robust wearers, fashion after all should be flattering to whatever shape or size of the one wearing it. Further to the overall fact that those familiar with the "stepping" dance might of viewed this execution as a bit sloppy, a little out of sync-maybe rehearsal timing was a factor? and not ias up to date in stepping as styles today. But, this fashion! Entertaining it certainly was, and beautiful to see so many shades of black women, with empowered expressions march to a matrix style beat.
 But ranting over! My verdict is snaps to Mr. Owens for putting it out there! Like it or lump it! The steppers served a in your face reminder that, we may not all be "archetype pretty" in size, color or height, but then again who is?! Beauty is diverse, and in the eye of the beholder as they say. Owens certainly didn't let his fashion guard down, delivering to us a terrestrial sea of surgically cut and molded leather tunic tops and layered ensembles in a sea of noir, clinical whites and subdued greens. The line of models/dancers Bravo! 
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Monday, 23 September 2013

Starting the day the Healthy Way!

So today was my third day back working out after returning to Dubai a month ago!
Saturday and Sunday was some good ole' throwback Taebo aerobics workouts (gotta love Billy Blanks!), good for releasing all the pent up frustration and everyday stress and this workout was no different! I did a Playlist on Youtube, Googled some 20min. workout ideas and got straight to business! This workout is no joke! I started thinking this is too easy, but I broke a sweat sure enough half way through! What did you do to get your engine moving today!? #Noexcuses 
#Tip; I like to workout on a empty stomach, its said to tap into the stored glucose/fat storage quicker!

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3D Printing Gift Card
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Saturday, 21 September 2013

World Luxury Expo- Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

Well, this weekend was off to Quintessentially who hosted the World Luxury Expo in Abu Dhabi one of its several visits across the U.A.E. I was expecting to be blown away by gold, gilt and mobs of designer clad Gulf rich clamouring to buy one of the several luxury vehicles on show or maybe catch a  glimpse at a pre-Christmas publicity stunt such as the World's Most Expensive Christmas tree bedecked in millions of dollars worth of jewels like last year! Instead, friends and I were greeted by a steely silence in the setting of the Expo housed within Emirates Palace, a small murmur of visitors (hotel guests) and passerby who'd come for a stroll around what proved to be an mundane set design with  uber luxe brands sporadically scattered throughout the length of the plush carpeted ballroom. The stand owners, most, who looked as bored as myself paced around their booths staring at the generic clock to be saved by the bell. Nevertheless, I made my way through and in the following pics and debut use of my Nikon D3100 did my best to capture some of the various brands and their most exclusive products on show.


Harvey Nichols