Saturday, 21 September 2013

World Luxury Expo- Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

Well, this weekend was off to Quintessentially who hosted the World Luxury Expo in Abu Dhabi one of its several visits across the U.A.E. I was expecting to be blown away by gold, gilt and mobs of designer clad Gulf rich clamouring to buy one of the several luxury vehicles on show or maybe catch a  glimpse at a pre-Christmas publicity stunt such as the World's Most Expensive Christmas tree bedecked in millions of dollars worth of jewels like last year! Instead, friends and I were greeted by a steely silence in the setting of the Expo housed within Emirates Palace, a small murmur of visitors (hotel guests) and passerby who'd come for a stroll around what proved to be an mundane set design with  uber luxe brands sporadically scattered throughout the length of the plush carpeted ballroom. The stand owners, most, who looked as bored as myself paced around their booths staring at the generic clock to be saved by the bell. Nevertheless, I made my way through and in the following pics and debut use of my Nikon D3100 did my best to capture some of the various brands and their most exclusive products on show.


Harvey Nichols



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