Wardrobe Editing


Charlotte also offers her services for Image Consulting, that offers; Wardrobe Editing, Colour Analysis and Personal Shopping for men and women and Corporate Image advice and coaching for individuals or companies. 
You will be informed on everything from suitable colours, hair and makeup, what to shop for, how and where! Whether for yourself, gift for a friend partner or a campaign your are working on, choose the services that suit you.

Invest in your image with these services for long lasting results that will give a healthy booast to your confidence and or profit margain! Are you ready to impress everyone with the new you?!

Edit" Your Closet

It is often easier to have someone other than yourself "edit" your closet. When we perform "closet surgery" we sort through your clothing and together we eliminate those items that are really dated in style, colour or that are poor condition or do not fit.

"Shop" In Your Closet

We then "shop" in your closet and create outfits by pulling together pieces you may never have thought about wearing together into different looks to suit your lifestyle. We also use accessories including scarves, jewelry and shoes. Most clients take pictures of the multiple newly constituted outfits and place them in a book for easy access and recall.

Our goal is for clients to open their closets and feel like they have many options as opposed to feeling like they have nothing to wear.

Either you can donate the items we eliminated or we can take them to a charity organization and get you a tax deduction, or if the items are appropriate, to a consignment store.

**Cost upon request Please email: vanitymode101@gmail.com

**Please note this service is 3-4hours in legnth depending on your wardrobe