Wednesday, 18 May 2016

The 'F' Word: Fashion & Fitness

So I've just gotten the fire under my bonnet to write this. It stands that in 5 days I'm suppose to be Fierce and Fabulous and model in a long outstanding photo shoot that I have put off for the last hmmm... 6 months!  But in that time I've embarked on my own personal campaign to get fit, drop the fat and show it all off in a fashion shoot.

Well, at this precise moment I skipped the gym and can only contemplate a cheeky childrens meal from Texas fried chicken ( hold the fries and just give me a honey milk biscuit instead...or both! Oh! and a Diet-Coke ) that's my mood as it stands.

Here is some inspiration behind the shoot styling for myself, no less

The following are inspiration pics Ive sourced from for the photo shoot direction, look feel and mood that I've created. for: Fitness Fashionista with a definite touch of Glam and some ethnic styling.

P.S If you couldn't tell, Halle Berry is a total muse in addition to being a total babe!
 So her FHM photo shoot is definitely her as my poster girl!

Fitness is all about the journey too not just the destination of fitting into those jeans you wore 10 years ago remember!

So keep the Faith-and Rock on!

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