Monday, 4 May 2015

Thursday, 30 April 2015

'Summer Sizzle' Photoshoot styled by me Featured in Flawless Magazine!

Photo Credits

LOOK 1 __BDS9092a

Organza pale blue skirt: Alexia Ulibarri @
Leather Skirt: Jennifer Kate @
White Leather and mesh top: Jennifer Kate @
Sunglasses:Steel cat @

LOOK 2 _BDS9361a & _BDS9401Cb
Neoprene Bomber jacket: House of Nomad @ West L.A
Beige Neoprene Skirt: House of Nomad @ West L.a
Ring: Now Luv @
Shoes: by Dolce Vita @

LOOK 3 _BDS9464a &_BDS9569a
Swimsuit: Lenny Niemeyer @ Praias
Skirt: Bec and Bridge @
Gold Ring: Animale @ Praias
Sun visor: Salinas @ Praias
Sunglasses: Taylor Morris
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik

LOOK 4 _BDS9678A & _BDS9779a
Swimsuit: Lenny Niemeyer @ Praias
Floral printed skirt: Lenny Niemeyer @ Praias 
Shoes:@  Manolo Blahnik

LOOK 5  _BDS9864
White Lace Dress by Nana Judy @
Blue Feather Bolero: House of Van der Haer @
Gold Claw Ring: @
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik

Friday, 6 March 2015

"Revo" Desert Palms Culinary Delight Pop Up & City Escape!

It just so happened, that I've found the perfect antidote to the hustle and bustle of Dubai nights, beyond the glorious blinding lights and hectic days action packed with meetings, traffic jams and insatiable social gatherings.  
Nestled in the urban oasis just outside the city limits of Dubai lies the perfect city escape... The Desert Palm.

 No air kissing and waiting lists to dine at the latest eatery or noisy families fighting for who's next in line at the buffet while their kids cannonball into the pool.

Herein lies sheer bliss of exotic birds chirping carelessly away, clear winds stirring and a silence that screams luxury without disturbing your neighbor. 
All in a luxurious setting that hints at Mediterranean old town villas with polo fields dotted through out and stallions grazing in the not so far off own Dynasty, bringing new meaning to the saying "home on the range".

It was here I was also personally invited and introduced to a new creative concept for just one week in October.

Michelin star Chef Ray Taylor opened his "Pop Up" Restaurant at the Desert Palm's Rare Restaurant. Chef Rays introduced his "Revo" concept to a select few of the media, myself included, that will feature at his new Hong Kong 3 Michelin star Restaurant

The cooking technique uses small molecular influences to create an 'Alice and Wonderland' like five course culinary experience that tantalized taste buds and evoke fond memories to say the least. 

It was a perfect opportunity to stay the night and also sample the Polo suite with spawning views of one of the dozens of polo ground views lined with glistening Palm trees.

 That said, I was happy to be invited and welcomed to sample what truly could be seen as Dubai's answer to the Hamptons!   

A room with a view...

Turkish Delights were warm greetings...

...Temptation ;-)

A time to sketch..
...Sunsets like this!

...then this...

Revo Nights at Rare w/ Restaurant with Michelin star Chef Ray Taylor

Bread Menus ...

=Edible Menus

Simply Divine cocktails

Stations ready to go!

Rocket Pops

Savory treats from the Chef

James Stead, from Destinations of the World got stuck in!

Step-by-Step Guide to Cryo Steaks with Michelin star Chef Ray Taylor

Plate up!
Media guests sampled the 5* cuisine exclusive to Revo

Whisky Gummies where yummy!

Destination of the World magazine's, Sarah sampling the delights

Rami Akawi, right, from Time Out Dubai
Awqat Dubai Magazin Editor-in-Cheif Randa Kamal, left, and friend 
GM James Reeves,second from left, entertaining guests

...Good Morning...

Stand alone baths are always a Luxury Win-Win situation
La dolce far niente...otherwise known as 'the joy of doing nothing'

The walk to the gym is just as beautiful with the Mediterranean water features and hidden courtyards

Starting the day off right! Gym overlooking the polo fields
No Makeup post gym-Yikes!
Sampling the infinity pool before breakfast...

..Juicing it..

Halloumi, Eggs Benedict and salmon-to start the day..
..An exception to tan
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Style on the go!... time to check out...till next time! ;-)