Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Liverpool International Music Festival 2014

Liverpool International Music Festival
August 24th Saturday

BBC Radio 1xtra DJ Robbo Ranx spinning on the decks, got the crowd hyped!

Shaggy was just one of the many artists to rock the stage!

Always time for a photo! 
Do you want more?!


DAY 25th August: LIMF

Today's Uniform: Jumpsuit & Wellies



Festival Necessities: Your Pet Snake!



Pop and RnB singer Alexa Goddard rocked the charts with her first single ‘Turn My Swag On’ and landed her a five album deal with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label


Spotted!: My cute niece

Marsha Ambrosius's voice was like Courvoisier on ice! She crooned several songs including her hit tune 'Butterflies' written for Michael Jackson! 

A nice tune Marsha penned about growing up in
 Toxteth, Liverpool

The show must go on!: Being the professional she is, 
not even a little fight in the crowd could stop Marsha's set!
WARNING! Shaky Cam may cause motion sickness!

Take it to the bridge girlfriend!

I am a BIG fan of Liverpudlian born, Marsha AmbrosiusSo having missed her tour in the USA, I was oh so happy to be able to hop 3 mins. over from my apartment to see her perform in my backyard (Sefton Park)! The only thing I'll say is she would of faired much better performing Sunday where there was more of a...'mature' crowd who could fully appreciate this girls credentials (Grammy Award winner, writer for  Justin Timberlake 'Cry me a river' and the legend that is Jacko!). I still believe she's one of the most underrated singers of this generation- full stop! Anyways, all I'll say is, show her some love and go cop her album 'Friends & Lovers' if you haven't already!


Neon Jungle did take stage but before my sister and I could be further crushed by the throng of overzealous teeny boppin crowd-we split. Its a shame as well as I'd of liked to see this generations bootleg version of the Spice Girls! LOL! Ok.. no really, I'll play nice from now.I like their style and therefore would of loved to see them shaq out! But it came down to keeping our lives (and limbs) or risk getting stampeded by 15yr. olds high on bubblegum and with probing umbrellas! The Foxes too would of been a good watch and sing-a-long! So tell me, what did I miss?! 


**Newsflash! to local and National promoters and media; Do feel free to share any 'All Access' passes on your events for this blogite! Geesh! 

Blogging ain't easy!

(*brrrrrrrr! a cold shudder down my spine at the thought!). It's been a while since I've covered any events but that's only cause I've been busy on my year travelling and writing- so stay posted!

Who said you cant stay Warm, Dry  & Stylish?

Time to go home, but a great time had and looking forward to next year!

Disclaimer: All photos except for header are property of  Charlotte Van der haer Richardson please contact for usage.

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