Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Stylist, the Designer & the Wardrobe..

I have done it! I have succombed to the blog! Dare someone to call me a (*gulp!) blogger! I dont want to so much mirror society by adding another millions of blogs who have their style dictated to them by Vogue and the weekly glossies! Lets have a opinion shall we!!!! So as difficult as it may be to swim against the current! I will do my best to give off the originality that could only be Van der Haer!

I will be giving styling tips for both men and women and a variety of occassions, you will see some behind the scenes work from my design studio and take a peek into not just my wardrobe but that of some surprise names, some of my clients that will in turn give you ideas and tips to add to sprucing your own style and wardrobe. So without further ado!

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