Friday, 29 June 2012

Diffuse Le Muse- Iris Apfel

How great is Mz Iris's style?! Let this be a note to self that style has no bearing on age and likewise!
I am an accesories Junk Jewellery Fanatic! And so I would totally agree with Iris that jewellery is so important to the making of an outfit, or at least when I dress! Sometimes...okay alot of the times! I can base my whole look around accessories or just one brilliant piece! A chunky vintage bracelet, extravegent earrings or an Art Deco necklace. My motto is the "Bigger the Better!" So you'll always catch me in some Jackie O's with a knuckle duster piece of a ring! But my obsession at present is my DateJust Rolex and Cartier Love Bracelet!
For more on Iris visit her site;

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