Friday, 29 June 2012

Mood Board

Some of my jewellery pinned to my style mood board back in my studio in England. Pictures from top left hand corner; Balenciaga-master of cut, b&w image of Helena Christensen torn out of a German Vogue from when I was 16- I just love the beauty and simplicity of this shoot! Plus Helena is truly one beautiful Supermodel-still! Ballgown pic-center by Gianni Versace archives, small pic of Drew Barrymore Grunge chic from 90's Guess campaign, below; Madonna in Jean Paul Gaultier, Helena Boham Carter smoking-tres chic! Her style is Kooky albeit! But I like that she marches to her own drum! Bottom left hand corner; Kate MossYSL ad, Bottom row center;Pioneer Vintage pics of Female Piolits from the 1920's, right Hand corner Vintage Donatella Versace ad before she over did the scapel! Jewellery is necklaces and belts-Pri"Marni, vintage headband with art deco bird-that I still cant wait to wear! and a Gun necklace that got confiscated oncewhen I travelled to Spain-like "dude! Hello! Its fashion!" by a really kool British jewellery designer whose name I forgot #notetoself

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