Saturday, 30 June 2012

Age & Fashion

So this mornings thoughts lead me to think of how age plays its role in fashion. What is deemed appropriate? Who wears it best? How does fashion effect the perception of that individual? Does what you wear age you? Or suit your personality, body shape and style? So I will be evaluating different celebrities style and not just on 'What's Hot-What's Not' basis but a  more evaluated Who Wore it best and Why' from an Image Consultant stand point so you may further understand just how clothing can flatter ones body shape, how hair colour can add a striking contrast adding vitality or drain and age someones apperance.
As a Expert Image Consultant, I will show and tell you how you can look good at any age! Without being a slave to fashion trends or breaking the bank!

Does Lidnsey Lohan or Lilly Allen both in their 20's , but who wears the Chanel Better and why?

How does their skintone and hair colour reflect against the delicate off white play frock?

  Does age mean you can't be trendy when you get older?! -No! Certainly not!

First Picture; Matter fact a kooky set of oversize black rimmed optics set the lady in the first picture off against her Winter tone skin and ash tone hair. Not to mention the flattering red top adds warmth and a classic youthful zeal to her look!

Middle Picture; a beautiful braided wrap adds a modern twist to a classic chigon! I especially like the chunky beaded necklace agaist her black shirt!

3rd Picture; Crazy and a little wacky it may be but this fun loving Big Bird faux fur gives a fun spin to what I can see of this elderly lady's outfit. The gold earrings a nice touch but WARNING! Not for the faint hearted this look would call for a healthy dose of confidence! I would also suggest that the hair colour adds a nice contacst but could do with warmer tones and given her oval pace less of a rigid cut on the bangs/fringe!

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