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Flawless: 5 Ways to Make Your Image Count!

Today, we're all enamored or should I say inundated with images of celebrities and their flawless pics on and off duty, that I thought it'd be interesting to take a closer look of some of this generations most popular Icons and a even closer look at their priceless (or are they?) assets. Did Kim Kardashian really have a nose job prior to her sudden rise to fame? Is Nikki Minaj guilty of lightening her skin or injecting her derriere? 
Quite frankly, we don't care and we're tired of the constant overkill given to us by the Press! We all have our hangups and gripes over certain features and flaws in our body compose, hips too wide, nose too big, lips too small. We're all guilty of this. it's time to put down the magazines, turn off E! News today and start to embrace those flaws you have, after all, there's only one of you!

Beoynce's video for 'Pretty Hurts' from her latest album says a lot about todays culture.

With that said there are everyday things we can do to enhance, hide or change the bits we don't like. Below are some images of the 'Before' and 'Afters' of popular celebs.

Rihana's constant change in hair color only adds to her Pop stardom image! Bottom left hand picture she sports a natural, 'Girl Next Door' look compared to her more recent 'Siren Vixen' pop art colors of blonde and red. Just think what even a subtle color change can do for you!
Megan Fox has come a long way from her younger days. Vanity Mode suspects some Hollywood surgical enhancements for nose, cheek and lips. What do you reckon?

jlo without makeup


1. Exercise; If your arms are turning to bingo wings or guys your stomach is eclipsing your belt line, then there's only one sure thing for that and its exercise! Do any of these excuses sound like you, "I'll start my diet tomorrow" or "I'm just too busy to fit in the gym"?  Well, talk is cheap! Boost your morale with the healthy release of some endorphin! Just even 20 mins a day of working out or getting active can have a life changing effect on your body. Besides, has any one ever felt bad after leaving a workout? Or worse yet died?! I think not!

Did you know...That 20 minutes of skipping is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging! But without the high impact!
To tone or no to tone? That is the question! 

2. Makeup In recent years, I have really seen the importance of learning and better getting to know what a bit of makeup can do to hide and enhance my facial features. Be it a warm gold to bring out my hazel eyes, a highlight to accentuate my high cheekbones, heck! a well groomed eye brow can frame or break a face! My favorite and current obsession (shared by masses it seems!) is the art of contouring! 
Countouring can lean out a broad tipped nose without the heft cost of a plastic surgeon, hide dark circles and blemishes and really make your face POP! but in a good way! Again, I often consult for my clients on this during their makeovers. If your cash or time poor thou there's plenty of tutorial videos on You Tube or your local makeup counter at a department store can advise you on the how to's. Don't forget to ask for samples of the products they try on you as you'd be pleasantly surprised to learn how readily they're available to you! Just ask!

Kim Kardashian was instrumental in the art of contouring's popularity taking off!

Can you notice the subtle changes contouring can give with  the illusion of a slimmer nose?

Guys Grooming itself is vital to either pulling your look together for a sharp, clean and handsome appearance or letting you down all together! Girls don't want scruffy or a guy who looks like he's been living in a bat cave (that is unless your Tom Hardy! tee hee!). You don't need to spend hours in the bathroom or lots of money even to get a good grooming routine going! Just remember, a wash/cleanser/toner, shave, a great hair cut and manicured nails can do wonders for your confidence and social life!

Men in their 20's: Channing Tatum gives a great look for the scrubbed up look and mature sophistication in both these photos
Pierce Bronson shows men in their late 40 to 50's that you can still have style and variety.

LL Cool J, shows just why the ladies still love him! His ageless fun, funky and urban style as a rapper also seamlessly translate to ceremony awards camera ready with compromising her style or image.

Personally one of my favorite of the James Bond characters, Daniel Craig. Not necessarily Hollywood's cookie cutter of the best looking. But his rough around the edges look balanced with the contrast of his steely beard, and piercing blue eyes add to enhance a mysterious handsome character. Learn how we can turn your flaws your assets or build your casual and formal style  with our Invest-to-Impress services today!

3. Personal Image Consultant Did you know that first impressions are made from 90% of non-verbal communication? Yes, that's right! Your image, that's how you dress, walk, gesture and posture can build a make your break impression within a matter of seconds! As your Personal Image Consultant, I help you review your positive acts of communication and advise on how you can change or improve on your weaker ones. Some of many Image Services to choose from, Speech: we can work on your voice, accent, with tone, pitch and clarity exercises. Just imagine how this could improve your confidence in front of the camera or confidence in giving presentations to public audiences. We want you not just comfortable in your own skin but radiating in your new image! Family, friends and colleagues will be asking what's different about you (in a positive way!).
 Contact me for more information today and learn how you can Invest-to-Impress in your most priceless asset -that's YOU!

4. Personal Shopper You'd be surprised at just what a simple change in your wardrobe can do for your self esteem and the image you project to others by getting rid of the old mom jeans and having the professional help of a Personal shopper to help you identify and buy the right clothes to suit your body shape, size, hair color, skin tone and even more over your personality! A personal 1-1 Wardrobe Edit can also bring you up to date with styles and colors to suit you and your lifestyle.

5. Color Analysis Have you ever noticed the impact that wearing the right colors can make in your day? or the positive rewards they can reap in you social and work life?! The right colors for your skin, hair and eye color can make you radiate success! Glow and look confident! On the other hand the wrong colors, can age you by days or even years, make you feel miserable! 
For example; Have you ever seen someone too pale wearing canary yellow? They can look ill. Or the wrong makeup foundation? You can look dated. Cringe! Book a consultation to find out your Color Palette today and learn what colors work best for your skin tone, hair and eye color.

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