Monday, 17 March 2014

Healthy Living: The way to eating Raaaaawr!

So it's been on my mind for some time to share my recipes in my attempts to eat a largely Raw/Vegan/Vegetarian diet. Not just for the sole purpose of loosing weight but for attaining a more healthy balanced lifestyle and reaping all the benefits that come with that (anti-aging, weight, health, improved energy and immune system, my green foot print, need I go on?) You can therefore consider this the first of what will be uploaded for tasty treats, meals and snack ideas that are easily prepared , nourishing, delicious and oh so pretty looking!
 I have taken to being a green thumb in the sense of eating what is natural, organic and from the Earth and not out of a polyurethane packet, with GMO food that were doctored in a lab somewhere (ummmm, minus the Ho Ho's I scoffed last week! Hey! I was on a Nostalgia trip from my child hood! lol!) So no, I'm not trying to turn you into a 100% raw eater or vegan when I myself am not one. I'm just trying to show people what and how I've incorporated healthy yet tasty foods/meals more into my everyday diet!


1 small bunch Kale (more calcium then meat!)
2 Celery stalks
2 Carrots
1 Apple
1tb. Flax seeds
I washed, chopped and the all ingredients into my Nutribullet with a cup of water and poured into a Mason jar. All under 5 mins! How's that for Fast food to go?!

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