Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Studio F Fashion TV Opening & Bootiq Mix!

*It started with 2 invites and 1 lil' dress...
in a far, 
far, place, 
in a magical little city 
called Dubai...

We've arrived..

+++The Show+++

*Digital photos courtesy of DNA PR & Events

What we Overheard & entertained; "20 minutes to get a drink?!" 
"There's some cute guys here" "This will be competition for VIP!" 
"i LOVE IT!" "I don't like it"  "I love the layout" 
Best line thus far; Guy:" I'm not drinking tonight (finds out its open bar)-"1 glass of champagne please!" girls laugh "..its proseco!" 
"Alex, Master of Parties!" "The girls are either really tall or really short!"  "It's a bit like Cavalli crowd isn't it? Rich guys and ....(Censor)"  My verdict; Although I spent the best part of 2 hours breathing in whilst bypassing the model security, I really enjoyed the opening, nice mix of DIFC's Suit n' Ties with Fashionistas and a dose of Eurotrash always makes for good fun! tee hee! Bar service was a bit slow #dudewhere'sthestaff? but overall I will reserve my final judgment till a few more visits. But definitely make sure you at least go check it out and make sure you damn well look good when you do!ha!

We then went home, kicked off our Louboutains and went to bed...
@#! AS IF !@#!
We then mosied on over to our table at Alegra for Bootiq night! The crowd filtered in from the hype of F Studio and Blue Merlin. Stylish, carefree and ready to get their Beat-Freak-On wit' one of Dubai's Hottest club nights..!

Style recognize Style!


Gotta do a BOOTi-CHIC-CHECK!

Jokes with Alegra Manager & friend Baseel

Frederick Stone on the deckz managed to play some thumpin' tunez whilst indulging in a game of Peek-a-boo!


=======Attitude! ======RuLeZ!=======

..And for Autumn/Winter Collections I predict Cats in Leather

My cam sucks so....*sniff #iphone5 #wtf?!

The Roof is on Fire!-
Or so it should of been! tee hee!



...Do you think I'M...?

He loves me.xxxxxxxxxxx..
really! lol!

Queen of the Night!

Dj Tanya Vie

Photo: Dada and friend @ Bootiq, Alegra


Photo: Back detail Bootiq at Alegra


Dancing Queens!

"Shots! Shots! Shots!-Everybody!"


EVA doesn't do photos!

Lights out! Verdict?! =Amazing night! Although it must be said Bootiq kicked in the NOS to our V6 party engine!

*Note; Digital Pics featured courtesy of HypeDubai.ae

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