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ESMOD 2013 Graduation Fashion Show

On the 19th June at Wafi Mall I had the pleasure of attending the ESMOD 5th Graduation Fashion show. ESMOD  a sister branch of the renowned ESMOD Paris Fashion school has been established in Dubai since 2006. Giving local and International talent the resources and platform to prepare for working in the fashion industry.
1st , 2nd years and 3rd Graduates paraded their end of year collections to a crowd of family and press with onlooking shoppers gawking from all visible corners. 
I was directed to my front row spot complete with 3 kilo goody bag adorning the seat (who doesn't love a good goody bag?) and took my place with notebook and camera phones in hand to await the show.
First year students was a culmination of different styles too many for me to review here but I can say there were lots of asymmetric details, geometric prints, abstracts and a contrast of soft and rigid materials used in the form of foiling, laces and leathers. The pretty and some what silly and without further adieu lets get down to the nitty gritty!   

papped by Ahlan #frontrow #fashion #report

I did adore this take on the trench coat with a full circle skirt and a hint and military cording across the chest. Wonderful blush colour to compliment any summer wardrobe

1st years take a bow

Ironically, one of my favorite collections of the evening was by, Lilian Neda Mayel Afshar, her collection was influenced by the art of Austrian Symbolist painter Gustav Klimt, and his Judith 1 (Femme Fatale) piece in particular. Lilian took this classic point of time and modernized it for today with contemporary cuts, mesh and neoprene sportswear fabrics and a clever use of color blocking and Art Deco prints. I would definitely go for the elegant yet edgy swing cape and printed waist high skirts. Lilian truly grasped the concept of a R-T-W collection with pieces that were interchangeable and could easily tick off a Buyers list for day, sport and evening wear. It was no surprise to see her later rewarded for the Luxury Ready to Wear category - Fashion design award & Pattern Making Award: 

A talent definitely worth looking out for!

A sporty futuristic collection with an array of colored leathers 

Games of Thrones influenced Anum Moosa "Modern Knights" collection

Dorsa Babael's Couture collection entitled Shells of Serenity

Samira Kugok Luxury Ready-to-Wear) and her Holy Blonde collection was fun, feminine and hinted back to Dior's New Movement period with its leopard print and 50's cut frocks. My only criticism here would be the shine of the silk poly fabric let down what otherwise could of been a more richer look collection in a more luxurious fabric. 

Origami inspired touches on crinoline skirts and bodices
Michel Klaassen AKA DJ Tellurian from Amsterdam mixing during the 5th Annual graduation fashion show 

Hair by Sisters Beauty Lounge Photo by Luma

The winners of our 2013 Graduation Ceremony Awards: 

Ready to Wear category - Fashion Design Award & Pattern Making Award: Vera N.

Luxury Ready to Wear category - Fashion design award & Pattern Making Award: Lilian A.

New Couture category - Fashion Design Award & Pattern Making Award: Fatemeh B.

Costume Design category - Design Award & Pattern Making Award: Sukhmani K.

Jury Award: Lilian A.

DIAC Excellence Award: Samira K. & Lilian A.

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