Thursday, 16 May 2013

Mens Wardrobe "Creative" Personality; feat. Dorian C. Grey Fashion Designer; Zafar Ahmed

A couple weeks ago, I blogged the first of articles in a series on Mens Wardrobe Personalities; The Creative.  I felt it wasn't enough to just educate everyone of the science of Mens Wardobe choices through pictures of celebrity styling alone, but felt it vital to relate real every day style for men here in Dubai namely.
So, I was pleased when struck with this idea and after approaching several friends that they agreed happily to participate and share with my readers their definition of style. 
House of Van der Haer caught up with the down to earth eccentric, Zafar Ahmed, who along with Marlon Weir, represent Dorian C. Grey Atelier for a look at his Creative's Wardrobe Personality and how it reflects in his work.

Tell us a little of your background?
My background is in Architecture, Art and Fashion... hence, my responses are atypical to that of a fashion designer.. i.e. question 3

Describe your style in 5 words? Classic, Grey, Epileptic, B&W

Name a common fashion faux pau of men? As far as garments are concerned, there are none. A weak character, A man is the fashion, a characterless man is unfashionable.

Name some of your favorite designers? Tabor Kalman , Paul Rand, Oscar Niemeyer, Alexander McQueen – just a few of the many, the list really never ends

Who is the ideal Dorian C. Grey customer? An ideal DCG customer would be someone that wants a confident edge... its give you that extra swag.. a person, wiser than myself once said, lingerie is to a woman is what a good suit is to a man... 

 If you were a car, what model would you be and why? Chevy Impala – it’s iconic and yet it somewhat represents the unpolished rogue. It was never designed for what it has evolved to become. 

Who, dead or alive, would play you in a movie on your life? Adrian Brody – he makes for a good manically depressed introverted character.

What would be your best Mens Styling tip? Always imagine how you would like to be perceived, dress accordingly for the situation

Describe Dubai's Fashion style? It’s an ever evolving scene like the shifting of sand dunes.

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