Friday, 10 May 2013

In loving Memory of Isabella Blow.. (19th November 1958 – 7th May 2007)


Playing in Issy's Closet whilst I should be archiving

I hold fond memories of Isabella. She was extravagant,  style pungent,  sure to make an entrance in any room, or captivate any front row of whatever designer so lucky to have her at their show. She inspired, discovered and nurtured talents such as milliner Phillip Treacy, Alexander McQueem, model Sophie Dahl, Marchesca, who she famously told to stick to making red carpet frocks, fast forward several years and millions of dollars later where any Hollywood party is not complete without some A-lister dressed in their gown.
I met Issy through college friends Dihonn Carrol and Martina Rink, who Issy nicknamed "the Shrimps" given their petite size. We were a rebellious trio of sorts and it just so happened the Shrimps came across Issy in the foyer for The Ritz Carlton in France during the Paris Shows, which they were crashing for the filming of Martina's thesis project.
My memories were short but sweet, Who was this magnificent creature? Well blessed with an intuition for style and the "Next Big Thing", she wore couture Givenchy gowns  whilst clasping her Manolos heels and flagging a black cab bare foot at night, prancing in the rain with her over the top hat wear (by Philip Treacy of course), she smoked Marlboro Lights as thou they were going out of style and even in her lowest of times would douse herself in the Robert Piguet, Fracas, her signature fragrance.
I remember her as kind as she was demanding, my duties were everything from picking up her wardrobe from the dry cleaners, to calling Mont Blanc for a certain pen (gold accent and with a priceless stone that she was "over" before it had just arrived).
 She spoke in hushed tones of the Queen's English but peppered with tongue-in-cheek profanity that only made you adore her more.
I couldn't list all the special moments I was so fortunate to share with her, as I think one should always keep something special of someone remembered for themselves, but I could tell you this. She was certainly one of the most under rated talents of the 21st may be gone Issy but you are never forgotten,

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