Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Fashion Tangent!

" Why on Earth did everyone of the audience it seem feel compelled to applaud every two minutes of the fashion shows?!"
Opening? Pending the anticipation of the designer?- Yes-acceptable, 
The End? yes-expected..
but every 2mins?! And just because say a waft of 10meters chiffon flies through the air?! 
Its fashion! 
NOT David Copperfield making the Burj Khalifa disappear!
 Have you people never been to a fashion show before? 
Do you applaud at the credits when you watch a film in the cinema as well? 
Or would you interrupt the story of a Swan Lake ballet?! 
This is not Sea World-its Fashion Forward! and therefore sit back watch the show and save the clapping for trained seals and not untimely interjections of what should otherwise should be a focus and immersion of the designers vision! Thank you! Your Welcome!"

picture from Deviant Art by Luigi with cheese

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