Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Day 3: Fashion Forward Diaries

Enroute to Fashion Forward! Running late but defiant that we would make the Amato show on time! I couldn't quite grab a full length shot but I'm wearing my own design blue plume feather bolero, A vintage style mixed sequin shoulder shrug that I draped over the front of my black camisole to make a top, with a black cob web knitted skirt with a gold clasp belted waist . People always ask me, "Do you wear your own design?" And "Yes", I try to of course, but more so for public events, fashion shows especially, after all I am the prime reflection of my brand aesthetic and who I design for.  But in the day you can catch me in basic classic staples from High Street to Designer (designer mostly in bags and shoes-they are my investment!) Anyways! Feeling the Art Deco 40's look slowly developing from my ensemble, I instantly knew to go with my ombre hair pinned to one side and cascading in ringlets over my right shoulder with pin curls at the front-thank God I went to the salon a day earlier! What do you think?!

From left; MJ, Sam, et moi

Amato Fashion Show 9pm

Furne's show opened with a melodic symphony of film and music with a circus jingle. Models stood numblessly like beautiful dolls who'd been sold for black market lobotomies.  They were almost angelic, their finger tips ever so lightly touching  told of the pulling magnitude of heaven with an undertone of the hell soon to garishly glam set to unravel! Closeups of purpled lips and drained skin tones quickened with spurts of laughter and spats of blood. Sure enough this is the Amato madness we know and love! His talent to mix the beautiful with the dark side! I felt a bit of Joan of Arc in the Air with a  model laying peacefully whilst appearing to await sacrifice on a willowy altar.  Graceful in a sanguinary gown enriched with laborious embroidery and cuts, weaving its way around her body like weeds extract life from daffodils.
  Cut straight to subliminals of a model who soon begins to be showered in blood whilst cradling the designer's newly launched perfume. The crowd applaud, slights gasps are released and those fashionistas with a strong enough stomach all lean in on the edge of their seats in further anticipation of the show to start. Blacks, Nudes, whites, rose golds, Furnes colour palette was concise ethereal and romantic as it was disturbing.
 The dramatic capes, breast shields,  hip guards and blood stained barbwire head pieces left us with enough drama to keep our fashion libidos running at an all time high till next season! Especially with talk rife of a Furne and Lady Gaga collaboration?! Bravo Furne!
**Wish List; I wouldn't mind the S&M patent leather obis!
a fan 

I loved the twist on the white shirt, from left Tatyana and Anel 

So CHIC! SO ROCK! SO HOT! #Trend; Women doing the mens suited look
and at often times...better then the men!-Yikes!

Loved this menacing school boy look! Leather shorts and studded glasses.

Sequined Frock

Blow me Away!....and he did!

Take a bow

Designer Monsieur Michael Cinco 

Ladies got the blues; Moi with Ester Quek @Amato, new Editor at The Rake magazine and total style sweety!
Esther was ecstatic to see that Dubai had so much talent!

with a visitor from Kuwait
"i love ur Givenchy!!

Just loved this Bahrain Glamazon!

The crowd poured out of the shows after for some drinks and show talk

with Aspiring model 18yr old Polyanna far right
Marlon Weir in Dorian C. Grey

Best Dressed of the night goes to this
Stylish Dutch gent shoe designer
"Whats Dubai Style?"
 he asked me
"Dubai doesn't really have a style
people bring their style from where they originate 
and more or less dress how they expect to be perceived."

Cuban heels make this look to Kill! His bespoke trousers did as well!
After the show, its the After Party!

Yes its blurred but I just adores his 
James Dean style
 with the cigarette! with friend and Model, Elliott Marsh

Stylishly Perched

SPLASH! C.EO Raza shook his tail feather

with designer Ramil Al Ali
Guess who of us two,
dropped their champagne glass?!



with the multi-talented Layne Red

The Sharper the suit the happier the Man; with Manoj

from left; Sameer of Splash with friend MJ

Yashraj , Model,
196 cm Tall!
Bong took to some Mean Pole Dancing to blow off steam!

Eva with Mystery Model
i don't kiss n tell!
..but the camera dosent lie! tee hee!

**********O' What A Night!********

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