Saturday, 3 January 2015

NYE Roast & Reunion Dinner with Friends at Reform Social & Grill

When told the location in a Watsapp group discussion of where our catch up  NYE Dinner venue would be, I balked, "the Lakes?!". Never, had I really the need to go past it let alone venture there, it was a gated community for expat families and bored housewives so I thought. Nevertheless, dropped off by the taxi from Downtown Dubai, I arrived to warm and inviting entrance, friendly staff greeted and directed me to one friend who'd already arrived and was seated
at the bar. Some gossip, bar nuts and a vino later the rest of our group arrived and high pitched laughs, gasps, and low whispers from Christmas stories unfolded at our selected table on the veranda. "I feel like I'm not in Dubai!" was the overall consensus for us newbies.
There was only one thing we came for and that was the Roast dinner, a selection of beef or chicken and not to long later. Our robust plates of home style British cooking were placed before our empty bellies and drooling jaws, to only disappear minutes later!
 All I can say, will say, was this by far the best roast I have had thus far in my 5 years in Dubai! Everything's was cooked just right, tantalizingly seasoned, meat moist enough to slip your fork into and Yorkshire puddings that make you go "Ahhhhhhhh!"
Admittedly, I've not sampled a great deal of Brit dinners here, so would be up for a challenging one! Any advice where?! Let me know
Till then Ill be planning my return and this time to sample one of their famous cocktails or two!
Price was more then affordable with 110 AED for a dinner and wine menu from just 48 dirhams per glass, you can't go wrong!

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