Sunday, 18 January 2015

Art Bar Flashback by #Absolutists Event, Media City, Dubai

Location? Media One Hotel, 40th floor, overlooking all angles of Media City. The vast open plan space was perfect with its urban style exposed circuits and concrete floor giving a nod to every inner city.

Who's Who? Dubai's Usual Suspects of young and trendy stylish Movers and Shakers mixed with the right amount of suits n' ties and blue chip folk to make it interesting.

What ? Art Bar Flashback by #Absolutists featuring pop-Art pieces by Artist Khaled Sharan. Andy Warhol and Co. lookalikes flirted among the crowd with a live pop performance followed with flash backs to Andy W. recording on his vintage Super 8mm cam  in his studio heydays. Pop-up cocktail bars with especially formulated cocktails for the night. A secret dark room of LED blinking lights in acrylic legs (see the pic for a visual) and scattered pop art pieces and graffiti murals throughout. Music sent you back to Madonna's like a Virgin, mixed in with Salt n'Pepper Push it took you back in time.

Dress Code: Duh! Its Art Flashback so anything from the 90's or 80's was King! Velvet was there in different shapes and forms, pop art colour on simple dresses and converse style. Plaid shirts, the vibe was grunge meets Courtney Love when she discovered makeup and Versace! Lol! Bowler and baseball hats, lots of distressed denim, worn in leather for jackets, bags, pants and more! My translation meant a perfect time for my Vintage graphic top complete with shoulder pads from a US Vintage shop, worn over some black leggings and a near new Biker jacket and there you have it! Brash 80's gold jewelry not included ;-) #POW!


My Body Art by House of Van der Haer

...tHE sCENE oF tHe cRime...

Meet Sir-Mix-Alot

Can u Dig it?

Cola cocktails in custom Absolut Mason Jars! #thumbsup

Most Wntd! Dead or Alive:Shariff Saci 

Fashion Forward's Saira Mehra  



Things that make you go Hmmmm...

 Vixen Jessica Glunz

Girls be like "OMG! Best selfies ever! Watsapp me that!"


Daria Kuznetsova and friends 
I was waiting for you...

...I was waiting for you

 Art errywhere 

No guessing which bar was my favorite! #Cosmopolitans every time!



Patchoulee on the decks!


What would Warhol say?!
"Pop art is for everyone" ~Andy Warhol

Throwback style worn well by this partygoer

Selina Dixon and Chic friend

Ali Haidary & Hayssam Al Amine

#Selfies with Ayman Fakoussa and friend

Blame it on the Boogie!

Shyrose & Soraya 

Some of tonight's Denim in Distress and plenty of it!

**Crystal heels on Over knee highs**

Rami Yassine (left) Joey Ghazal (right)
There's something O' so Keanu Reeves, Point Break era about
the fellow on the right.
Convo went like this:
 Me: "I'm not trying to hit on you, but are you guys models? 
 Guy 2: "No he's a model," (points to friend in leather  jacket), "I'm a Restaurant Developer." 
Swoon! Brains and Beauty-Love it!
But forgot his name thou! #smackmyself

*******STOP THE PRESS**********
....NEWS ....JUST....IN! Name is Joey Ghazal! ;-)

Murder on the dance floor in these
Olivia Newton Pants! Loved!

 Essah Walla and gorgeous guest 

Bong Guerro "Whatevs"

 Litter where you glitter 

 Alex and friend 

Juwan Aly knows how to make an entrance 
even when he makes an exit ;-)

...Lil'Ole me?!..




~Groovy ~

Andy Warhol came back just for the night

Clap if you dig this chicks style!

Fatigued Not!: Mohammed Al Borno 
& Ian Riddick...
how cool is that name?!! @£$

He said NO to pics... but then let me pap his trousers 

Hand over those Chanel plimsoles!


"I wonder if its real." his words not mine!!

 J a m m i n' 

Me: "Excuse me, but can you sip your drink like that again?"

Mohamed Al Borno and Ceebo Shah
Trampolines, Feathers and Vodka are always a good idea!

Pap the Papparazzi

 Step Up 

Juwan & Daria

Gotta be a model, watchuthink?

 Juwan Aly gets our style vote 

Hot Topic! Artist Khalid Sharan shone on the night  with  Ahmed El-Gamal VII & Friend
Andy made me do it

I just want to say thank you to the photographer who took this shot! #Fierce!!
Post-Party-Mortum photography not allowed...but here's a body shot... cause I said so
Goody bag in hand...Goodnight peeps! It's a wrap!

Threw myself in the back of the Lexus Taxi..home bound...

**All pictures featured are taken by Charlotte Van der Haer Richardson and hereby property of House of Van der Haer 2015.
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