Saturday, 12 October 2013

Vogue Italia Dubai Fashion Experience Press Conference

On the 124th floor in the World's tallest Building, Burj Khalifa on the morning of 10th October, was the setting for Vogue Dubai Fashion Experience Press conference, a joint collaboration between Emaar Properties who own Dubai Mall and Vogue Italia, perhaps my most favorite Vogue magazine for its endless Inspirational boundary pushing imagery!
I was there to find out more on this much publicized event and its aims on helping emerging new talents from the MENA Region.

International Press on Standby

Mr Tariq Al Gurig Dubai Cares, Vogue Italia Editor-in-Cheif Franca Sozzani, Mr. Mohamed AlabaarChairman Emaar Properties
The Front Row was style-ready-to-go!
Loved this printed smock dress! ...DVF? 


Loves the perspex heels!

with Lapo Elkan (in orange tie)
Eccentric Guests are best!

Brown Book Girls: Natasha Stallard Editor
& Lubna Mobied, PR & Marketing Manager

Vogue Experience Nigerian Fashion Designer
Ituen Basi 

Question time from Khaleej Times Editor Melissa Randhawa
*more on this interesting discussion to come! #realtalk #uncut

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of
Ahmed Daabas

Proof that carbs are making a comeback!
The verdict is and seemed successful what with some of the biggest names in fashion jetting in especially for the occasion; Naomi Campbell, Donatella Versace, Roberto Cavalli and his Creative Director wife, Eva Cavalli to name but a few. (see
Why is there no photos of them you may ask or of the glittering gala that took place the following day at the Armani Hotel? Well, promises from a Events employee who shall remain nameless, failed to be delivered. The shock! The Horror! The Outrage! Like! Heeeelllo?! Do you not know who I am?! Okay, so I wouldn't of been able to pull that off, but it would of been nice considering the event is aimed at young design talent but nevertheless, there is always next year! Lets hope Emaar kept it up and refine their plans for the future Dubai Fashion Experience to involve even more International fashion talent residing here in Dubai (*cough-"like me!"-cough)and doesn't fail where so many others have. Remember Dubai Fashion week 2011 anyone?The Press Conference promised to set Dubai on the Fashion Map then proceeded to disappeared more quickly then Paris Hilton's trust fund! Till next post! Toodles!

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