Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Fashion Forward - Fast Forward- Closing After Party

A note from the Editor, that I have specifically decided I will not be reporting on any fashion shows this season. It's not that there wasn't a lot to tell or capture of the good, the bad and the ugly - that's on and off the catwalk! It's just that I am a Fashion Designer first and foremost, I have come to the decision to focus on my design and it's never been my intention to turn into a Fashion Reporter, or one of your every day dozen cookie cutter "fashion"bloggers ( Oh the pandemonium Ill get from saying that one!)  Not that there's nothing wrong with that, only I didn't wake up one morning and say Im gonna be a Fashion Blogger to con free passes and goodies (but Im not against them! Geesh! Its fashion!) but I slogged away at Fashion school and post studies at Central Saint Martins to work for free at Alexander McQueen to call myself a Fashion Designer!-Get it?! So don't get it twisted, even thou I (*gulp) blog..
I will not be coursed into telling lies!
I cannot be bribed to give you 5 star reviews!
but I am accepting any generous donations to my
"Feed the Designer" Foundation for next A/W season if your willing! LOL!
My blog is to capture my Perspective, Passions and Life. 

the waiting game at Amato's Show...

**Overheard Gossip Alert! One very well known model heard saying how one very well known designer at Fashion Forward had written her pleading her to attend their show! "Ugh! How Desperado!" she said to a well know social butterfly who responded "The show was horrible! I could of found better clothes at Forever 21!", to which I shuttered at the thought! 
Hehehe! Now back to our regular program of people watching!

 Dubai's version of the Last Supper?! Noi? lol! 

"Lost is the New Found!" Loved this!

My darling designer friend Essa and Marlon Weir

I did'nt know this famous deriere and killer legs could only belong to Yasmine Petty!

BYE BYE After Party! I'm shattered!

 waiting at valet...

My darling sweet friend Petra Elveline Albertini in her own design


OH! I could'nt help but find this amusing that once home, in the parking space next to mine, yesterdays Lamborghini Spider was replaced with this too die for Bugatti!
...No wonder why my rent's gone up! *DOH!

zzzzz... Night Night all! 
And see you next FF Season!

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